non conformist lager

gluten free. organic. sourced & brewed in sussex.

Are you a victim of beer pressure?Do you feel compelled to choose that triple hopped, bottle conditioned, taste bud numbing brand which might be easier to tackle with a knife and fork. if so, it’s time to unfollow the crowd.

NCL is all about the taste. the head brewer Andy hepworth was producing outstanding quality craft beers before facial hair was fashionable the first time round. using natural ingrEdients from sussex, ncl offers a gluten free lager with no additives or preservatives - just a REFRESHINGLY pure experience.


non conformist lager



about non conformist lager and hepworth brewery


provenance + quality raw ingredients + gluten free

sitting in the majestic, green ENGLISH countryside, next door to the south downs national park, hepworth brewery was established in 2000 by andy hepworth and his team. with the sole intention to restoring the popularity of simple traditional beers… There’s andy with the hopfarmer… it’s not normal to see the face that physically brews the beer!

Quality raw ingredients: award winning partnership in central to hepworth’s ethos, including long term relationships with sussex’s best barley farmers sourced from the duke of richmond’s prestigious goodwood estate.