RumJava Artisan Crafted Rums are all natural and inspired by passion for Caribbean culture, rum, and coffee. Born from Java’Mon Coffee based cocktails made in Cruz Bay, St. John, RumJava handcrafted collection of fine Rums are infused with five of coffee blends and other natural flavours. 



 Di Best A Di Best

35% ABV 70 Proof

The flagship of the RumJava range, combining rich molasses rum with a touch of Java'Mon Signature coffee, coconut, vanilla and caramel. It's a rich spiced rum, with well-balanced dark coffee and sweeter notes.



Natural Chocolate

35% ABV 70 Proof

This robust chocolate rum is a chocolatey spiced rum, made with cacao nibs and RumJava's own Java'Mon chocolate coffee blend. It's dark and sticky, with rum sweetness complimented by roasty coffee notes and rich chocolate.


Espresso Rum Cream

Limited Edition

17% ABV 34 Proof

RumJava Espresso Rum Cream is a blended combination of fresh Wisoncsin Dairy Cream and RumJava Mahtini'Mon Chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut espresso infused rum. This is rich, creamy, with hits of coffee, coconut and cocao plus a warming finish.


about RUM JAVA


100% handcrafted, hand filled, and hand sealed + infused with all natural ingredients

RumJava is twice distilled at 160 to 180 proof in a copper stack pot from Florida cane produced in Clewiston, Florida. Artisan crafted in small batches, every part of THE proprietary process have been personally nurtured from formulation, to mixing, testing, and tasting. After making THE gluten-free rum, THEY infuse freshly roasted Java’Mon Coffee beans to extract the perfect amount of coffee flavour and add other natural ingredients for added depth and balance. With subtle notes of vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, caramel, coconut, cinnamon, oak, and coffee the result is a unique collection of smooth, silky, flavourful rums unlike any other. 
RumJava is proudly 100% handcrafted, hand filled, and hand sealed, and infused with all natural ingredients. RumJava is truly one of a kind and yes, it really is RUM!